Guilhad Emilio Schenker - Director



Tel Aviv University Film Department's Master and Bachelor programs in film studies and a “Berlinale Telnet Campus 2014” Alumnus.

He is currently editing his first full-length (90-minute) feature film named
"Madame Yankelova's Fine Literature Club" , staring the most important and well-known actors in Israel. The film, which he wrote and directed, is supported by the "Cinema Project" of the Rabinovich Israeli Film Fund and by Channel 10 Israel and selected for the official pitching competition of the Jerusalem Film Festival and Haifa Film Festival  

In 2005,  he participated in a Student Exchange Program with Warsaw University, as part of an initiative promoting cultural dialogue between Israeli and Polish students. A year later, in 2006, I took part in the German Bursary program of the Nordrhein-Westfalen government, and received a scholarship in order to complete his research for his film thesis that dealt with different aspects of the film “Kolberg” (1945) by Veit Harlan, the last propaganda film that was produced by the German Nazi regime. 

His short films "Lavan" (White), "Shatz" and "Shum" have participated in more than 150 film festivals around the world, including the Berlinale, the Montreal World Film Festival , Palm Springs International Film Festival , Palm Beach International Film Festival , Jerusalem Film Festival and many more. his short films won 15 international prizes including the best short film award at the Washington Film Festival , best short film at the Detroit Film Festival , best director at the Saint Petersburg Film Festival , best short at the Budapest Film Festival and many more, and have been broadcast on TV in 10 countries. In addition, his short film "Lavan" (White) was selected to be the representative of Israel to the American Academy Awards, the "Oscars" for the short film category, and was shown in the Israeli Parliament during a seminar for parliament members on the subject of captivity.

At present, he is hosting and producing a TV show on the educational TV Channel - the only TV program in Israel that broadcasts short films by Israeli filmmakers.

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