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The Investigation Must Go On

Director - Marek Rozenbaum

The story involves police investigator Micha Stein and former singer Shalom Shalom. Stein is a hard working ambitious officer trying to prove himself and his abilities. He receives information that Shalom is behind a recent robbery and apprehends him for further investigation. The singer’s provocative personality, his line of work, his way of life, and his special relationship with his wife, all undermine the inflexible Stein.

Wisdom Of The Pretzel

Director - Ilan Heitner

Golan, an almost 30 year-old guy from Tel-Aviv, was supposed to be a married CEO. Instead, he resists growing up and attempts to live life and searches for the love of his life. The only problem is, that for him, choosing a girl is like trying to choose one ice cream flavor from a variety of flavors.

White Lies

Director - Yitzhak Rubin

A family of Holocaust survivors and their second generation children use white lies reflecting pain, humor, love and compassion to protect each other.

A young theatre director, [Sharon Alexander] suffering a psychological crises followed by a broken love affair and the failure of his first play, returns to Israel after many years in Paris.

Yana's Friends

Director - Arik Kaplun

The story of Russian immigrants who land in the brave new world of TLV, Israel during the time of the Gulf War. As scud missiles fly overhead, and an entire country locks itself into airtight rooms, Yana and her friends wrestle with the problems of immigrants everywhere: language, culture, money, jobs and love.

Zur Hadassim

Director - Gideon Kolirin

A story about three small fry crooks’ with big time plans, and one dreamy girl, peaches sweet, who loves her boyfriend all the way to the moon and the stars.

Circus Palestina

Director - Eyal Halfon

Once upon a time (and this really happened), a small circus from Eastern Europe came to the Holy Land, where every hardship in the world landed on its tattered tent: soaring debts, sick animals and runaway clowns. Soon the circus owners have a hard time finding an audience or a place to raise their own magnificent tent. This is the point where the story and the huge circus begins.

No Name on The Doors

Director - Nadav Levitan

Takes place in the 1990’s, an era in which the kibbutz has adopted capitalist Western values and has lost its socialist human values which were at the root of its establishment. The crumbling of the kibbutz is expressed through five stories, that occur simultaneously.

Jewish Vendetta

Director - Alexander Shabatayev

Nathan Ilgoyev, a middle aged Russian immigrant, has been living in Israel with his wife and son for the last 30 years. Throughout the years, Nathan has always suspected that his wife had been unfaithful to him...

Saint Clara

Directors - Ori Sivan and Ari Folman

The year is 1999 and the storyline is actually a number of sub-plots all revolving around the 13-year old Clara, a girl that can predict the future and has telekinetic powers.

There Was No War In ‘72

Director - David Kreiner

Fourteen year old Yoni is expelled from school. His violent, domineering father decides to educate his son by sending him out to work, while his mother searches for a school that will accept him. The deeply rooted conflict between mother and father escalates and undermines the family framework.

Dogs Are Color Blind

Directors - Orna Raviv and Johanan Raviv

Once upon a time, one night in down Tel Aviv. Tsiki and Naomi a yuppie couple, come home to find that their house has been broken into. They Have been cleaned. This does not prevent Tsiki from setting out to watch a football match with his mates, While Naomi sets out to the local police station to file a complaint…

Everlasting Joy

Director - Igal Bursztyn

"Everlasting Joy" tells the story of Spinoza, his six neighbors, two spies and a washing machine, all desperately in pursuit of Man’s Eternal Happiness. In the end, they find it.

This filmic fantasy takes place in 17th century Holland and in 20th century Israel. The stories of Spinoza and his six neighbors combine into a single plot based on events in Spinoza’s life.

The Flying Camel

Director - Rami Na'aman

A Jewish professor, an Arab trash collector and a novice Catholic nun find themselves together in a junk yard , which provides an upbeat message as it explores ethnocentrism and religious conflict in Israel. Professor Bauman, a historian, is interested in the furniture and architecture of Bauhaus. He lives in a run-down house in a junkyard.

Max and Morris

Director - Jacob Goldwasser

Max and Morris, best friend and big losers, spend most of their time in "Mordoch`s Restaurant", dreaming of hitting the big-time.
Max & Morris need cash quickly to repay loan borrowed from "The Sleaze", so that Morris & Morris need cash quickly to repay a loan borrowed from "The Sleaze", so that Morris` fiancé, Bella, could launch a career as a rock star.

Dreams of Innocence

Director - Dina Zvi-Riklis

The film follows the adventures of a young girl and her brother as they travel to Tel Aviv to find their kidnapped dog. Margalit, a 10-year old, and her 13-year old brother Benjamin live in a poor country village in Israel. Their shady father recently left for Africa right before Benjamin's bar mitzvah.

The Heritage

Director - Amnon Rubinstein

A modern romance and ancient love story are intertwined, filmed on location in Israel and Spain.

American Citizen

Director - Ethan Green

An American basketball player joins the "Ashdod Basketball" team, so that the team will have the chance to go up the higher league.

In one of the games the American player meets with a sports journalist form Ashdod, which is a very big fan of the team. Although their deferent backgrounds they become good friends.

Over The Ocean

Director - Jacob Goldwasser

When Morris, a fellow survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, comes to visit him in Israel in 1962, Menachem is of course glad to see him. Morris' tales about nearly limitless prosperity and opportunity in Canada intrigue him also, since he is deeply worried about the future of his family in war-ridden Israel.

Laura Adler's Last Love Affair

Director - Avram Heffner

It is surprising to learn that Yiddish live theater still exists even in Israel. In the story, the formerly lively theatrical form is barely sustained by a few aging aficionados of the form, along with the support of its loyal but chronologically challenged (aging) audiences. The big star of one of these troupes is a woman named Laura Adler (Rita Zohar) (the Adler name is doubt homage to the great Yiddish theatrical family).


Director - Gideon Ganani

Mirian was a young Jewish girl form Tel Aviv. George was an Arab from Jaffa.
They met by accident at a British border post and fell in love at first sight.
But there were a few problems that they couldn't control. Problems that would only get worse…In 1948, the British were pulling out of Palestine.
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