Lake 68

Director - Irit Shamgar
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2008, 58'' min Israeli-Polish co-production Screening formats: DVD, DigiBetaPal, Polish and Hebrew / Hebrew and English subtitles
"Lake 68' " tells the story of a group of friends who meet every summer in a tiny village named Dluzek in northern Poland. They come from Sweden, Denmark, France, Canada, USA, Netherlands and Israel. All were born in Poland and expelled from there in March 68', in a well known official outburst of anti-Semitism, connected somewhat with the "Six Day War" in Israel. Jews lost their jobs, were expelled from universities, and some were imprisoned. Most have not found a real homeland since and define themselves as "being from nowhere."

Written by Irit Shamgar
Photography: Yossi Wein, Tomek Tarnawski
Editing: Era Lapid, Morrice Maman
Soundtrack: Alex Claude



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