From Language to Language

Director - Nurit Aviv               
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2003, Israel, 55 min, Hebrew, English Subtitle, format BETA PAL, DVD

"From the moment I wanted to enter the Hebrew language in order to write, I knew I had to kill my Russian, eliminate it." Meir Wieseltier

"I refer to my Hebrew and Arab identities as two distinct entities linked by a blind spot." Haviva Pedaya


“Sometimes I wake up with the fear that the Hebrew I learned at such great pains will fade away and vanish” Aharon Appelfeld


Ten people, all poets, writers, or singers, speak of the relationship between Hebrew and the language of their childhood -a language whose music still echoes in them even if they no longer remember it. In a series of portrait-monologues the spectrum of language is revealed.


Script : Nurit Aviv

Cinematographer : Philippe Bellaïche

Editors : Michal Ben Tovim, Philippe Boucq, Galith Wajnberg

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