With Rules - Drama

Director - Dover Kosashvilli
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1998, 35 minutes , Screening Formats: DVD, BETA PAL

Cast: Alon Aboutbul, Rivka Michaeli, Eliran Kosashvilli

The film is about Zaza, a 12 year old boy from a low income Georgian family living in Israel, who decides to steal petty cash from his parents hiding place in order to get a unique picture for his album collection, “Amazing World” .
When Zaza’s father finds out that the money is missing and no one comes forth to confess, he punishes Zaza by shaving Zaza’s younger brother’s head, in order to make Zaza feel remorse for his actions.
A touching story about the bonds within a family. .


Judges Award, International Festival of Film Schools, Munich

Special Mention - Script, International Festival of Film Schools, Munich

2nd Prize from the CineFondation, Cannes Film Festival

Wolgin Award for Best Short Film from the Jerusalem Film Festival

Keren Liefer Award, Best Screenwriter at the Jerusalem Film Festival

Best Film Award at the International Student Film Festival in Tel-Aviv


Script: Dover Kosashvilli
Producer: Zvi Friedman
Photography Ze'ev Harazi
Editor: Yael Perlov

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