Emile Habibi - I Stayed in Haifa

Director - Dalia Karpel           
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1997 Israel , 58 min. / Hebrew Arabic / Format: Video- BETA PAL/NTSC
This film documents the last weeks in the life of the Palestinian-Israeli writer Emile Habibi, one of the most prominent writers of modern Arabic literature and a Palestinian political leader of great influence. In his novels and his life, Habibi struggled with the difficult political and personal question of identity - between loyalty to his Palestinian people and his recognition of the State of Israel’s right to exist. His literature constitutes an elegy of the fate of the Palestinian people. This portrait is sketched from the perspective of a man who is living the final days of his life and is a moving and emotional journey of man and place, identity and homeland.

Jerusalem Film Festival 1997, Outstanding Documentary Award
Berlin International Film Festival 1997 International Forum of Young Cinema
Amiens IFF, 1997, Special Mention

Directed by
Dalia Karpel
Editor: Anat Lubarsky
Photography: Noam Tayech


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