Love Thy Neighbor

Director - Dushan Yodek
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2008, 83 Min. ,English Sub. Formats:DVD, DIGIBETA PAL

On the  24 September 1945, a couple of months after the end of World War II, there was an anti-Jewish pogrom in the town of Topoľčany. It was prepared beforehand by an influential and numerous group of local Aryanizers. They founded allegedly a secret organization with the aim to hound out of the town all Jews who survived the Holocaust and came back from the extermination camps.
The Jews how came back to Topolcaly, became castaways and pariahs in their own country.
Just as they were beginning to recover from the trauma of the past, they were struck by another disaster: they again became victims of their own people expelled by the neighbours. And they again found themselves on the very bottom of human humiliation. Their pain and disappointment was strengthened by the fact that the pogrom was supported by the majority of the town’s inhabitants.
When in 1948 an opportunity to emigrate arose, Jewish citizens were leaving the town. They went mostly to Israel, Australia and USA.
The anti-Jewish pogrom had a major share on the fact that today there lives no single Jewish citizen in Topoľčany. Great and significant Jewish community in the town is only remembered by the cemetery on Krušovska Road.


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