The Slut

Director -  Hagar Ben Asher                 

2011, 90 min. Shot on HD, Israel-Germany Co-production, 

Cannes Film Festival

Jerusalem Film Festival

Cast: Hagar Ben Asher , Ishai Golan, Icho Avital


Tamar is 35 years old, pretty and noble, and mother of two little girls. She is the vilage's slut. She has got to please them all, while her daughters absorb her crooked being.

And then, on a gloomy wintery day, arrives to the village a sweet man. He might be her knight. He might show her redemption.

They fall in love. But handling her sluttish way isn't that simple. This little family's questionable harmony is now shaken to its bone. This is a film about Tamar, who wants only what is wanted of her, of two little girls left morally stained, and of a man who reveals his true nature.


The film portrays the chronicle of a woman who sacrifices her daughters on the altar of brokendown motherhood and of a man who once touched serenity but sacrificed it for an uncontrollable  expression of passion and emotion.



Script: Hagar Ben Asher
Photography: Amit Yasour

Editing: Asaf Korman







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