Feature Films


Director - Arik Rotstein

Joshua, an 80 years old Holocaust survivor, discovers one morning, that a cellular antenna was installed on the roof of his house.
He goes to war against his neighbor who installed the cellular antenna.

A Strange Course of Events

Director - Raphael Nadjari

Forty-something Saul is a melancholic dreamer, with a tendency to run whenever things go wrong. He returns to Haifa one day for a reckoning with the father he has not seen in 5 years.

Between Worlds

Director - Miya Hatav

Bina (46), religious woman from Jerusalem, arrives panic-stricken at the hospital after her son Oliel (25) was severely injured in a stabbing attack. This is the first time she sees him since he became secular and lost contact with the family.

By Summer's End

Director - Noa Aharoni

1978. An end-of-summer coming-of-age and mulit-generation, familial tale set in a rural community in Israel, on the backdrop of the imminent peace accords with Egypt.


Director - Marcin Wrona

Python is a stranger in the home town of his future wife Janet. As a wedding gift from the bride's grandfather, he receives a piece of land. While preparing the land for house construction, Python finds hidden bones of human bodies.

God's Neighbors

Director - Meni Yaesh

Avi, Kobi and Yaniv live in Bat-Yam, a suburb city close to Jaffa. They follow Breslev stream and want to enforce their neighbors to become religious, without hesitating to be violent in the name of god.


Director - Mushon Salmona

Newly discharged from the Israeli Army, RA'ED, a Bedouin from an unrecognized village in the Negev desert, is determined to save his family's failing herd of sheep.

Is That You?

Director - Dani Menkin

Having just lost his job as a film projectionist, 60-year-old Ronnie (well known Israeli actor Alon Aboutboul -“London Has Fallen”, “Dark Knight Rises"), decides to travel from Israel to the US to seek out his long-lost love, Rachel (Suzanne Sadler). Once on the road, he meets Myla (Naruna Kaplan de Macedo), a filmmaker who is making a documentary about the regrets people have and wants to interview Ronnie and document his trip.


Director - Doron Paz, Yoav Paz

Two American girls on vacation follow a mysterious and handsome anthropology student on a trip to Jerusalem. The party is cut short when the trio are caught in the middle of a biblical apocalypse...

Laugh Lines

Director - Pini Eden

Where roads are paved with good intentions. Dana, a young, contemplative woman carries the load of her family on her shoulders while Hannah, her grandmother, senses life coming to an end. Fate intervenes amongst lies and deception to grant one last chance of reprieve with an unexpected twist.

OMG, I'm a Robot!

Director - Tal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak

Danny's girlfriend leaves him because he is too sensitive. Depressed, he cuts his wrists only to discover that he is a robot and that his girlfriend was actually kidnapped. Can he save her?

Out in the Dark

Director - Michael Mayer

A drama centered on the love affair between two men on opposite sides of the Mid-East conflict: Palestinian student Nimer and Roy, an Israeli lawyer.

Personal Affairs

Nazareth, today. An old couple lives wearily to the rhythm of daily routine. On the other side of the border, in Ramallah, their son Tarek wishes to remain an eternal bachelor, their daughter is about to give birth, while her husband lands a movie role and the grandmother loses her head...

People That Are Not Me

Director - Hadas Ben Aroya

Joy can’t let go of her ex, can’t fall in love with the new guy, and can’t stop sleeping around with strangers. This is a story about young people in Tel Aviv who yearn for intimacy and are also terrified by it; who talk endlessly but never say anything authentic.

Room 514

Director - Sharon Bar-Ziv

A female Israeli Soldier is ordered to interrogate an Israeli officer, who is alleged to have abused an Arab family.
Lower in rank and also a woman, she is barely taken seriously by the haughty man : he only gives her sarcastic answers.


Director - Ami Livne

No one really appreciates Kamel Nadjer, the young Bedouin security guard at
the Be'er Sheba central bus station, neither his family, nor his Israeli colleagues. When the poor tin shacks he shares with his family in the desert are menaced by demolition orders, Kamel decides to take action. He will stage a bombing in the bus station and then prevent it, in order to establish himself as a hero, save his village, and win the admiration he so desires.

That Lovely Girl

Director - Keren Yedaya

Moshe and Tami are a couple, Moshe is in his fifties and Tami is in her early twenties. They live together in a cruel and violent relationship, from which Tami seems unable to set herself free. Tami and Moshe are father and daughter

The Cuttoff Man

Director - Idan Hubel

Gabi cuts off the water supply to people who don’t pay their bills. There’s no choice, it’s either that or unemployment. The more he cuts off, the more money he makes. Like a thief he sneaks into back yards, where the water meters are and like an executor he roams the neighborhood streets. When people see him they curse and humiliate him. They blame him for their situation. Gabi keeps cutting off water, he has a family to support. How long will it be before he breaks?

The Zig Zag Kid

Director - Vincent Bal

Nono, The Zigzag Kid is about 12-year old Nono. His mother passed away when Nono was 1-year old.
His father, inspector Feierberg, is known for the best police inspector in the world. Nono wants to be like his father but he constantly gets in trouble.
in India 2013

Urban Tale

Director - Eliav Litli

A boy and a girl wake up in bed one morning, naked. The children's mother died a few weeks earlier. Before she died she asked her children to find their birth father who left them when they were still babies. Their quest in search of their father leads them to hospitals, nursing homes and holding cells.
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