The Cuttoff Man

Director -  Idan Hubel


2013, Israel



76 minutes 


69th Venice Int'l Film Festival

Tromso Int'l Film Festival  

Eye on Films Festival


Cast:  Moshe Ivgy, Yovak Rahav, Na'ama Shapira, Tom Yefet



Gabi cuts off the water supply to people who don’t pay their bills. There’s no choice, it’s either that or unemployment. The more he cuts off, the more money he makes. Like a thief he sneaks into back yards, where the water meters are and like an executor he roams the neighborhood streets. When people see him they curse and humiliate him. They blame him for their situation. Gabi keeps cutting off water, he has a family to support. How long will it be before he breaks?



Script: Idan Hubel, Nimrod Eldar

Producer : Eitan Mantzuri






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