Itzhak Rubin - Director

A  Film Screenplay writer,  Director and producer of both feature and documetaries films , author, and pre-eminent Israeli Human Rights Activist.

Founder of the Board of the Association of Forty  supporting the  rights of the unrecognized villages in Israel.

1995-Chairman of the Board of the Council for Culture and Art in the City of Haifa, during 1981-2008 a lecturer on film studies at the Universities of Tel Aviv, Haifa and the head of prodduction studies in Kinneret College in the Jorden Valley.
As a second generation of holocaust survivors part of his work deals with this subject, as well as films concerning human rights issues.
His Features Films "
White Lies" and "A Group Portrait With A Woman" screened in prestigious film festivals such as  Montpellier, Kalkuta, New York, London, Miami, Santa Barbara and others. Rubin is a leader in the field of documantaries in Israel, among them "Bieng Here Bieng There" a prize of merit in  the Intercom  Chicago International Film Festival, "Between Two Woman" "Udi Adiv" "The Defender" “Degania – The World’s First Kibbutz Fights Its Last Battle” and others.          
                                                  Feature and Drama Films
A Group Portrait With A Woman- Producer, director and writer.  Award for screenplay in Haifa

              International Film Festival, Montpellier International film Fest, Mumbai  International Film

White Lies- Producer, director and writer.
            Selected for official competition in Jerusalem International Film Festival
            represented Israel at the Kalcutta   International Film Festival ,participed in  prestigious festivals 

            in New York, London Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and others.
           Murder For Life -A Re-Drama(Dramadoco) Israeli Television ch-1
           RomaFictionFest international television festival
                                               Selected Documentaries
2009               Murder Of A  Judge- Israeli Television,  60 minites
2009               The Road  -Channel 2, 50 minutes
2008               Degania – The World’s First Kibbutz Fights Its Last Battle, 55 minutes
2007               The Defender- cha 8  Israel    
2006               Nurosergeon – 50 minutes, ch- 2  Israel
2005               Between Two Women- 67 minutes, Channel 2,Israel.
2004               Knitted Skullcap - 45 minutes, screened on Channel 2, Israel.
2002               Udi Adib. Daud Turki- 50 minutes, screened on Channel 2, Israel.
                      Singing of Cababir- 45 minutes, screened on Channel 2, Israel.
                      Crispal’s Daughter - 45 minutes, screened on Channel 2, Israel
1999               Being Here-Being There– 46 minutes, Channel 2, Israel.
                      Winner of the certificate of merit at INTERCOM Chicago  International  Film Festival.
                      Intimate Enemy- 44 minutes, Channel 2, Israel.
1997              Only Not At Home – 35 minutes, screened on Channel 2, Israel.
                     The Last Performance- 30 minutes, screened on Channel 2, Israel.
                     Health For All– 30 minutes, screened on European Television Channels.
                     Nes Amim - screened on European Television Channels.
                     Present Yet Absent – 60 minutes, screened at local Cinemateques. 
                    The Room- by Harold Pinter, University of Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin Theatre. 
                   Sinai- in Or Akiva Community Center. 
                   Literature – Authorship
                   The Hypochondriac – story of a Wild Anxiety- ( Hipochender- Gilgoola Shel Harada

                  Metorefet), 159 pp, Sifriyat Poalim, Tel- Aviv, 1994.
Commercial and Marketing Videos
                  Director, producer and writer of over 150 Commercials and Marketing Videos.
                                            Work Experience
1984               Director, producer and scriptwriter for TEKNEWS (Media) Ltd. CEO and owner of 
                      TEKNEWS (Media) Ltd.
1981-1985       Director for Israel Public Television.             
Public Activities –Human Rrights Activist
1999-1984      Volunteer producer and director of movies concerning the Arab minority rights and women

1995-            Chairman of the Board of the Council for Culture and Art in the City of Haifa.
                    Founder and instituter of the Board of the Association of Forty              
                    supporting minority the unrecognized in Israel civil and human           
                    rights in Israel.
                                            Academic Experience
Lecturer at the University of Haifa on Film Art and Documentary films.     
Lecturer at Bloomfield Art College in Haifa.
Lecturer at University of Tel-Aviv University in the Film Department.
2009- Head of Production Sudies In Kinneret College in the Jorden Valley.
Mater of Arts Degree University of Wisconsin- Madison.
Theatre School in Haifa
1971-1974 - Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics, Political Science and Film at the University of Haifa

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