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A Five Minutes Walk

Director - Itai Lev 
2002, Hebrew

Jerusalem Film Festival - Wolgin Award for NEW DIRECTORS
Hamburg Int'l Film Festival
A’Nnonay International Film Festival
Worldfest, Houston 

Cast: Sharon Alexander, Tal Cahana, Rinan Haim, Adam Horowitz, Alon Aboutboul, Eyal Rozales, Ami Wienberg, Dvir Bendek, Gabriel Hadar, Noa Tisby, Sharon Kamor, Dror Geva

A Five Minutes Walk
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A five minutes walk and 24 hours stand between Tel Aviv police detective Amir Samo and redemption – if he can only finish the day with Tziki, a drug dealer and pimp behind bars. Just a few hours before he can close the case and become a hero, someone begins to pull the strings, and Samo with a blink of an eye is accused of being the bad guy. Two of Tziki’s girls issue sexual harassment complaints against him and he is ordered to take an immediate leave of absence. His commander avoids him, the newspapers print the accusations in the headlines and the criminals are having a good laugh at his expense. The only safe haven is the neighborhood pub, where Michal, the saddest barmaid in the city serves drinks with no questions asked.
But Michal is having a bad day of her own. Her boyfriend the filmmaker is directing a film based on their experiences and she has just dumped him.
A five minute walk separates police from criminals, enemies from lovers, a happy ending from an inevitable tragedy.

“Acts like Tarentino light, shot like Jarmusch, speaks like Mamet .… it works.”
Time Out / Critics Choice
A story on new beginnings and endings all in a period of 24 hours.
Written & Produced by Itai Lev
Photography: Assaf Sudari
Music: Rea Mochiach
Editing: Shimrit Ronen

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