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All I Can Do


Director - Shiri Nevo Fridental

2021, HebrewRussian



Cast: Ania Bukstein, Sharon Strimban, Moni Moshonov,

Magi Azarzar Sabag, Yoav Levi, Liron Levo, Gal Friedman,

Roy Assaf, Elena Yaralova, Nadia Tichonova


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Reut, a young prosecutor, takes over a sexual assault case, based on the sole testimony of Efrat - a rebellious yet fragile victim, who lives with her wild female partner. Reut is reluctant, but as the trial progresses and Efrat collapses, Reut learns the true nature of strength, love and sisterhood.

Script: Shiri Nevo Fridental
Cinematography: Ehoud Eitan
Editor: Shaked Goren