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Director - Arik Rotstein

2016, Hebrew
Warsaw Film Festival 2016 - competition
Haifa Film Festival 2016 - competition
- Best Editor Award
Denver JFF, Boca Raton JFF, Festival du Cinéma Israélien 

Cast: Gila Almagor, Alex Peleg, Ishai Golan, Miki Leon, Michael Aloni, Hila Feldman, Daniel Gal, Mirjam Roth   

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It is a bit late when Joshua’s sons: Isaac Leon and Effie, finally realize their father falls completely derailed due to a cellular antenna his next door neighbor installed on his roof. They find themselves involved in a confrontation of which its outcome they could have not foreseen. Even their mother's Sara desperate efforts to save the situation are not helping. The crisis is shaking the son’s personal lives and threatening to break up the family.The result is a complex and touching portrait of a vibrant family that is still dealing with the shadows of their father's past as a Holocaust survivor.


Script: Arik Rotstein
Photography : Giora Bejach
Editor: Shira Arad
Art Director : Eyal Elhadad

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