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Director - Gideon Ganani
1989, Hebrew, Arabic, English

Cast: Dan Turgeman, Sharon Hacohen, Miriam Gavrielli, Makhram Khouri Makhul, Milad Matar, Sinai Peter, Gabi Shoshan

A Five Minutes Walk
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Mirian was a young Jewish girl form Tel Aviv. George was an Arab from Jaffa. 
They met by accident at a British border post and fell in love at first sight.
But there were a few problems that they couldn't control. Problems that would only get worse…In 1948, the British were pulling out of Palestine. In what was soon to become Israel, the Jews and the Arabs were busy preparing for the war that had to come. A war they had to fight. Inside the Jewish community, various groups were fighting for control of the fledgling state. One of these, the ultra right wing Lehi, had declared wad on anyone collaborating with Arab in any way.
The young couple didn't care about politics, partition or patriotism – they had found each other. And as pressure from all sides mounted, their love grew stronger.
They decided to escape Israel, and leave their problems behind. On the night of their departure, Miriam waited for George in a small hotel in Tel Aviv. She heard a knock on the door…but it wasn't George. Two members of the LEHI underground movement took her away minutes before George would arrive. All he saw were headlights fading in the distance.
Crossfire is based on a true story and has generated tremendous interest in Israel
Crossfire is both a sensitive love story and a political document, describes dramatic historical events.

Script: Beni Barbash
D.O.P: Dani Shneur
Music: Eldad Lidor