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Director - Nina Menkes
2010, Hebrew, Arabic
Israel, France

Jerusalem Film Festival 2010 - Best Drama-The Anat Pirchi Awards

"ONE THE YEARS TOP 5 FILMS!"--Sight and Sound

Cast :Didi Fire

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HITPARKUT (Dissolution) combines an almost surreal fairy-tale energy with brutal black and white realism to explore the condition of violence which permeates contemporary Israeli society. Shot in Yafo (the predominantly Arab area of Tel Aviv) in summer 2009, the movie follows the moral collapse and first glimmer of redemption, of a young, morose Israeli Jew, played brilliantly by non-actor DIDI FIRE.

Script: Nine Menkes with additional writing by Didi Fire.
Photography: Itay Marom, Camera Nina Menkes
Editing: Nina Menkes, Didi Fire

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