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Dreams of Innocence

Director - Dina Zvi-Riklis
1994, Hebrew

Cast: Moshe Ivgy, Rita Shukrun, Levana Finkelstein

A Five Minutes Walk
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The film follows the adventures of a young girl and her brother as they travel to Tel Aviv to find their kidnapped dog. Margalit, a 10-year old, and her 13-year old brother Benjamin live in a poor country village in Israel. Their shady father recently left for Africa right before Benjamin's bar mitzvah. The family dog is mysteriously kidnapped and the children decide to sneak into Tel Aviv to find it. They end up camping out one night with a traveling circus and there they find their father. It is here that Benjamin discovers the kind of man his father really is.

Based on a novel by Ronit Matalon

Script: Avi Mugrabi, Ronit Matalon
D.O.P: Danny Schneur
Editors: Rachel Yagil, Anat Lubersky
Music: Shem Tov Levy