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God's Neighbors
Director - Meni Yaesh

2012, Hebrew
Israel, France

2012 Cannes Film Festival, Semaine de la Critique - Prize SACD
UK Jewish FF

Cast: Roy Assaf, Gal Friedman, Itzik Golan, Rotem Zisman Cohen, Gili Shoshan

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Avi, Kobi and Yaniv live in Bat-Yam, a suburb city close to Jaffa . They follow Breslev stream and want to enforce their neighbors to become religious, without hesitating to be violent in the name of god. Avi is the leader of the gang.

All the habitants of the neighborhood admire the gang and are afraid of them at the same time. One day a new girl, Miri, arrives to the neighborhood. She is not familiar with the strict rules of modesty. Avi falls in love with her. Soon Avi is going to be torn apart between his feelings for Miri and his dedication to the gang.

Script: Meni Yaesh
Photography: Shahak Paz
Editing: Asaf Korman

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