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Director - Mushon Salmona 
2014, Hebrew and Arabic
Israel, Germany

Official Selection - Haifa International Film Festival 2014
Hof Film Festival 2014
Other Israel Film Festival 2014
Washington Jewish Film Festival 2014

Cast: Mahmoud Shalaby, Bat Hen Sebag, Adam Alhuziel, Khalifa Natour, Adnan Abu Wadi 

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Newly discharged from the Israeli Army, RA'ED, a Bedouin from an unrecognized village in the Negev desert, is determined to save his family's failing herd of sheep, about to be sold and make plans to live off the herd by starting a roadside Bedouin hospitality restaurant.

Ra'ed's father objects to his venture, expecting Ra'ed to marry his match and find a more viable job while The authorities hand in a demolition order undermining his project. He finds himself aided only by his cousin, SLIMAN, a petty thief and Sliman's girlfriend, NOFAR, a Jewish high-school student.
Matters become complicated when Ra'ed falls in love with Nofar and decides to challenge the family's hierarchy and tradition and follow his dream.

Script: Mushon Salmona
Photography: Daniel Kedem
Music: Haim Ilfman
Editing: Reut Hahn

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