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Director - Keren Yedaya
2009, Hebrew, Arabic
Israel, France, Germany

Cannes Film Festival - Official selection out of competition,  2009  
Jerusalem Film Festival - The Wolgin Awards for Israeli Cinema,  2009,  
Toronto Int'l Film Festival- City to City Programme
Warsaw Film Festival - International Competition, 2009

Cast : Ronit Elkabetz, Moni Moshonov, Dana Ivgy, Machmud Shalaby, Roy Asaf

trailer - Jaffa
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Twenty years old Mali lives with her Family in Jaffa where they own a garage. Mali, her father and brother work there. Hassan and his son Tauffik work in the garage for many years. The relationship between the two families' seams allegedly good but underneath the surface lives different feeling: racism, hatred, jealousy…

In the crowded garage, inside this melting pot, happened the most predictable thing… Mali and Tauffik had fall in love.
Every night they hide in Tauffik's car, living a full love life, planning their future and dreams. They know that if their families will discover this affair that will be the end of their affair.
Until a month ago they didn't have to really dill with reality and the future but everything changed when Mali found out she is pregnant.
Now they plan to go to Cyprus and elope. Determined to have a family of their own… but in the morning of the flight everything changes…

Script: Keren Yedaya , with a participation of Eila Ben Porat
Photography: Pierre Aim
Editing: Assaf Korman

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