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Kinneret - Sea of Life
Director - Moshe Alpert 
2019, Hebrew


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In the most magical place in the Land of Genesis, there is a story about a jungle cat, who lost her mother and left alone in the wild jungle of the stormy Sea of Galilee.
This is the story of the Sea of Galilee woven into the tale of the jungle cat - from her mother's pregnancy, the moment of her birth, and her transformation into a mature cat with her own family. It follows her adaptation, survival, falling in love, mating, and even finding refuge in the lush vegetation along the shores, leading to the establishment of the jungle cats' family on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.
An emotionally moving cinematic drama, depicting the wild life around the Sea of Galilee like never seen before. Twenty years of stunning and breathtaking cinematography in an extraordinary experience!