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Laura Adler's Last Love Affair

Director - Avram Heffner
1990, Hebrew, Yiddish

Cast: Rita Zohar, Shulamit Adar, Menashe Warshavski

A Five Minutes Walk
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It is surprising to learn that Yiddish live theater still exists even in Israel. In the story, the formerly lively theatrical form is barely sustained by a few aging aficionados of the form, along with the support of its loyal but chronologically challenged (aging) audiences. The big star of one of these troupes is a woman named Laura Adler (Rita Zohar) (the Adler name is doubt a homage to the great Yiddish theatrical family). She is attractive and middle-aged, and is quite content to spend her days performing in this obscure theatrical backwater. One day, however, she learns that she is being considered for a part in a major U.S. film, and, while she is absorbing that news, she has a brief affair with a young man. Later, when she learns that she has terminal cancer, she decides to spend her remaining days onstage with her theatrical friends and family. 

Script: Avram Heffner
DOP : David Gurfinkel
Editor: Lina Kadish