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Love Birds

Director -  Dover Kosashvili   

2017, Hebrew


Cast: Tal Talmon, Asaf Goldstien, Roni Dotan, Avi Azoulay, Nir Grinberg

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A man and a woman meet eachother in a hotel suite for a day full of fantasy,

they are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and this is their routine celebration.

But this year is different.

Through this day secrets, lies, will coming out while they are both living their sexual fantasy.

As we go along through the revelation of secrets, infidelities and untold desires the experience

becomes more and more painfull for both of them.

Script: Dover Kosashvili  

Photography : Assaf Sudri

Editor: Dover Kosashvili, Marek Rozenbaum

Music : Josef Bardanashvili