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Made In Israel

Director - Ari Folman 
2001,  Hebrew

Cast: Jorgan Holtz, Menashe Noy, Genia Dodina, Sason Gabai, Dror Keren

A Five Minutes Walk
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Egon Shultz, the last Nazi war criminal, is extradited to Israel from Syria in the framework of the peace agreements between the two countries. Shultz is to be tried in Jerusalem for the transport of Jews from all parts of Europe. Danny Hoffman, a wealthy businessman, places a $2 million bounty on Shultz head, as indicated in his father's will.
A black comedy about the journey of five Israelis: a trumpet player, two payment collectors and a pair of Russian hit men who unwittingly become Nazi hunters.
What would you do if someone offered you $2 million tax free to capture the last remaining Nazi in the world? 

Script: Ari Folman
Producer: Anat Assoulin
Photography: Itzik Portal
Editing: Dov Steur
Music: Berry Saharoff


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