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My Australia
Director - Ami Drozd
2012, Hebrew, Polish
Israel, Poland

Cast: Jakub Wroblewski, Lukasz Sikora, Aleksandra Poplawska, Avraham Horovitz, Lillian Roth, Shmuel edelman, Yuli Ildis 

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Poland, mid 60's. A fragmented family in a poor neighborhood. The mother, who is separated from her Polish husband, spends most of her time working to provide the basic needs for her two sons, who are 10 and 14 years old.

Left to their own devices, the boys join a neighborhood gang with a strong Neo Nazi orientation. One day the gang enters a Jewish neighborhood, beating and stabbing some youngsters, and are arrested by the police. The mother succeeds in convincing the police to release her sons, but is shocked to learn about their involvement with Neo Nazis.

She had always thought that she was protecting her sons by concealing her past and origins, but now she must tell them the truth: she is a Jew. A Holocaust survivor, she wanted to raise her sons as Catholic Christians, but she realizes that they cannot continue to live like this and decides to leave Poland. She takes the older boy into her confidence, but the younger son is told that they are immigrating to Australia, while the truth is that they are boarding a ship to Israel. The film explores the struggle to form an identity in a new country, while trying to build a new life in a foreign country.  

Script: Ami Drozd
D.O.P: Adam Sikora

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