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Or (My Treasure)

Director -  Keren Yedaya
2004, Hebrew
Israel, France

Cast: Dana Ivgi, Ronit Elkabetz

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Ruthie and Or, a mother and her daughter, live in a small Tel Aviv flat. Ruthie has been a prostitute for the last twenty years. Or has tried many times to have her quit working the street, but without success.

The daily routine of the 18 year-old Or is an endless succession of petty jobs : washing dishes in a restaurant, cleaning staircases and collecting deposit bottles while attending high school whenever she can. Ruthie's health is worsening. After an umpteenth visit to her mother at the hospital, Or decides that this time, things must change for good.

Winner of Camera d’Or, Cannes 2004
Winner of the grand prix- Semaine de la Critique- Cannes 2004
Wolgin award for Best Film, Best Actress, Jerusalem Film Festival, 2004
Bronze Palm, Special jury mention- female actresses- Valencia Film Festival 2004
Best film – Bratislava IFF 2004
Best film- Tursak IFF, Turkey 2004
Best Actress, Mexico IFF 2005
Best Film, Dortmund IFF Germany 2005

Script: Keren Yedaya and Sari Ezouz
Photography: Laurent Brunet
Editor: Sari Ezouz

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