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Wisdom Of The Pretzel

Director - Ilan Heitner
2002,  Hebrew

Cast: Guy Loel, Osnat Hakim, Yoram Sachs, Benni Avni, Shay Werker, Orit Sher, Alma Zak, Muriel Goldstein, Meital Timsit

A Five Minutes Walk
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Golan, an almost 30 year-old guy from Tel-Aviv, was supposed to be a married CEO.
Instead, he resists growing up and attempts to live life, and searches for the love of his life. The only problem is, that for him, choosing a girl is like trying to choose one ice cream flavor from a variety of flavors. How can you pick just one??? He finally does manage to fall in love with an unpredictable and wacky girl, who happens to be his best friend's sister. She's the first to show him what "real life" is all about. But it appears that sometimes living 'life' is more difficult than giving them up...
Not your typical boy meets girl boy loses girl story.
An inside look at the lives of a group of four male friends, including their outlook on life, work, love, marriage, the opposite sex and so much more.
A cinematic adaptation of the successful best-selling book (over 46 weeks on the best-selling list) of the same title. Based on a true story.

Producers: Shay Werker & Ilan Heitner
Written by: Ilan Heitner (based on his best-seller)
Photography: Oded Kirma
Editing: Joelle Alexis
Original Score: Ophir Leibovitch


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