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Provence United

Director - Ori Inbar 
2002, Hebrew

Haifa Film Festival
Israeli Academy Awards - Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor  


Cast: Ze’ev Revach, Itay Turgeman, Eli Eltonoyo, Osnat Hakim, Moshe Folkenflik

Gift from Above
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Eighteen year old Shlomi Hezi, star player of a third league soccer team from a small town has big dreams. He wants to leave his hometown and play for the champs, for Maccabi Tel-Aviv soccer team.
Unfortunately for him his big dream collides with those of Kasudes, his group manager’s. Kasudes want to see his team make it in the big leagues, and show everyone in Tel-Aviv that he’s worth something. But there’s a catch …this dream can only be fulfilled with Shlomi.
The draw for the quarter-finals in the National Cup brings the country’s leading team, Maccabi Tel-Aviv to the small town for a fateful match with the amateurs. The ten days between the draw and the historic match, the arrival of Maccabi Tel-Aviv to the small and dusty southern town, will never be forgotten…
“PROVENCE –UNITED” is about people who dream of a different life and for whom soccer is the taste of life. 

Script: Youval Friedman
Produced by: Uri Sabag & Einat Bikel
Photography: Dror Moreh
Editing: Joseph Grunfeld
Music: Shemtov Levy

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