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Red Fields


Director - Keren Yedaya 


2019, Hebrew

Israel, luxembourg, Germany



Cast: Neta Elkayam, Dudu Tassa, Ami Abu, Eran Tzur, Yuval Banai, Riki Gal...


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This is the story of Mami, a kind young woman born and raised in a small, impoverished town in the south. She works at the local gas station snack bar and is in love with Nissim Malka, her neighbor. One day she is accosted by the cruel hand of fate: Just days before their wedding, Nissim is wounded in the war and becomes a “vegetable”. Mami doesn’t give up. She takes her husband who is confined to a wheelchair to faraway Tel Aviv; perhaps luck will shine on them there. She finds a job as a waitress in a local pub, but falls victim to a rape attempt by the Palestinian workers. Finally she finds herself with Nissim in the brothel of Batia Classa. There one of her clients is Professor Kopmachine, the eccentric inventor, and this encounter changes her life. The professor rewires Mami’s brain and she becomes a media superstar – a press, TV and Internet celeb. Mami forms a new political movement and when she is elected to power she preaches one last war that will free the people from this disease that is the love of life. After the defeat and the many casualties of war, an inquiry commission convenes that finds Mami guilty of the debacle and sentences her and her vegetable husband to return to the south, never to leave it again.
Script: Keren Yedaya
Photography : Laurent Brunet
Editor: Sari Azuz