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Seven Minutes in Heaven
Director - Omri Givon
2009, Hebrew
Israel, France, Hungary

Warsaw Film Festival - Best Feature Award - Competition 1-2, 2009  Tribeca Film Festival - World Narrative Competition, 2009  

Haifa Int'l Film Festival - Best Feature Award, 2008

Cast: Reymonde Amsellem, Eldad Prives, Nadav Nates, Ronit Yudkevitch

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Galia, a young woman from Jerusalem and her boyfriend, Oren, board a local Jerusalem bus. The bus explodes, leaving Galia with severe burns and memory loss; she lacks memory of the day of the terrorist attack and the days leading up to it. The film begins one year after the attack, upon Oren's death.

As Galia undergoes physical and mental therapy, she attempts to stitch together the shattered fragments of her life and soul. A necklace sent to her from an unidentified source sets her off on a journey to find the missing pieces of the puzzle from that horrific day…

Script: Omri Givon
Photography: Nitay Netzer
Editing: Rotem Shamir

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