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She's Got It

Director - Jacob Goldwasser
2006, Hebrew

Cast : Dorit Bar Or, Yuval Segal, Eyal Rozales, Yael Poliakov, Evelin Kaplun, Meir Swissa, Uri Klauzner

she's got it
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A comic social drama which takes place in a small town in Southern Israel .
In the town of Mitzpeh Ramon, afflicted by unemployment and closing factories, a security guy of a " Brinx " car and the owner of a local printing house join together in a sophisticated " Sting" operation to switch the money, taken from an illegal Casino, to fake bills which they have printed in advance .

The film tells the story of three young women that decide to make a " double sting ", put their hand on the rubbed money in order to help re-open the sowing workshop they used to work at .

Through it's colorful characters, the story of the film show Israel in different situations of despair, hope and joy .

Script: Zohar Laskov & Haim Merin based on an original story by Zohar Laskov
DOP: Gidi Porat
Editing: Anat Lubarsky

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