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Single Plus
Director - Dover Kosashvilli
2012, Hebrew

Cast: Yael Toker, Ruby Porat Shoval, Miki Leon, Michal Yanai, Matti Atlas, Moti Giladi, Sarit Vino Elad

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Zehava, is a 34 years old woman, she is very successful good looking woman and available. Her mother is terminally ill and her dieing wish is for Zehava to get pregnant and give her a grandchild. However, Zehava refuses her mother's request because she will only bring children out of true love for the child's father. As such, Zehava's mother stops taking her medication and worsen her health condition.
Zehava is left with no other choice but to go and search for the man who will in able her to have a child. After a few unsuccessful dates, she makes an agreement with a childless couple, where she would be their surrogate mother on condition that she will be able to keep the child as long as her mother is alive.
Eventually, the nature takes its course and Zehava is pregnant. Her mother will be a grandmother, if she only makes it alive to the delivery. But the plan can not be executed because her mother reveals to her that she was never ill and only said she was, because she wanted a grandchild.
Zehava feels cheated and used, but very happy that she is now free to have an abortion. Soon enough she realizes that her happiness was falls, she is already attached to the baby in her womb and to his father, her maternal instinct is already with in her.

Script: Dover Kosashvilli
Director of Photography: Yoram Millo
Editing: Haim Tabakman
Art Director: Miguel Merkin

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