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Director - Raphael Nadjari
2007, Hebrew
Israel, France

Cannes Film Festival 2007 - Nominated for Golden Palm
Tokyo FILMeX 2007 - Won Grand Prize   
Jerusalem Film Festival 2007 - The Wolgin Awards for Israeli Cinema

Cast: Michael Moshonov, Limor Goldstein, Shmuel Vilojni , lan Dar

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Jerusalem of our days, a religious neighborhood bordering between a Hasidic zone and a non religious area . Menachem Frenkel age 16would like to be independent, leave his family and explore new experiences in life, spend more time with his friends and girls his age. 
Eli, Menachem's father, is confronting him and would very much like to shape the character of his son to a serious young man . 

Script: Raphael Nadjari and Vincent Poymiro
Photography: Laurent Brunet
Editing: Sean Foley
Music: Nathaniel Mechaly

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