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That Lovely Girl


Director - Keren Yedaya


2014, Hebrew

Israel, France, Germany

Cannes Film Festival 2014, Un Certain Regard

Munich Film Festival 2014

Jerusalem Film Festival 2014

Gent Film Festival 2014



Cast : Mayaan Turjeman, Tzahi Grad, Yael Abecassis, Tal Ben-Bina


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Moshe and Tami are a couple, Moshe is in his fifties and Tami is in her early twenties.

They live together in a cruel and violent relationship, from which Tami seems unable to set herself free. Tami and Moshe are father and daughter.

Script : Keren Yedaya
Based on the novel "Away from his Absence" by Shez
Photography : Laurent Brunet
Editor : Arik Lahav – Leibovich
Art Director : Eyal Elhadad

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