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The Belly Dancer

Director - Marek Rozenbaum
2006, Hebrew

Cast: Meital Dohan, Alon Aboutboul, Yuval Segal, Moni Moshonon, Uri Klauzner

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A story of three acquaintances. Debbie the belly dancer in Goldy’s club is going out with Yacki a small time thief. Yacki is also Goldy’s partner in crime.

During one of their heists (to which they received a tip) they find out that all they got was a bit of cash and some religious articles. Goldy sees this as a sign from above to become more religious but Yacki thinks they need to talk to their informant and get better information for their next heist. Even though they do much better on their next heist it’s the turning point in all of the relationships between the three and amongst themselves.

Script: Haim Merin
DOP: Valentin Bielonogov
Editor: Anat Lubarsky

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