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The Flying Camel

Director - Rami Na'aman
1994, Hebrew, Arabic

Cast: Gideon Singer, Salim Dau, Laurence Bouvard , Gilat Ankori

A Five Minutes Walk
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A Jewish professor, an Arab trash collector and a novice Catholic nun find themselves together in a junk yard , which provides an upbeat message as it explores ethnocentrism and religious conflict in Israel. Professor Bauman, a historian, is interested in the furniture and architecture of Bauhaus. He lives in a run-down house in a junkyard. Phares, a garbage man from Palestine, believes Bauman's property is rightfully his because it is the former location of his father's orange grove. Much to Bauman's consternation, Phares refuses to leave his shack. When Sister Gina arrives, the two are so taken by her sexiness, they forget their fighting. Together the threesome decide to rebuild a statue of a flying camel that was the symbol of Tel Aviv's renewal at the 1934 Eastern Fair. 

Script: Rami Na'aman
Editor: Tova Asher
DOP: Yoav Kosh