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The Giants Of Easter Island


Director - Dover Kosashvilli

2020, Georgian, Hebrew

Israel, Georgia, Germany



Cast: Niko Tavadze, Maria Ovanov, Gavri Banai, Nikita Sklaruk
Kate Konlin,Eden Cymbalista, Amit Barzilay, Orel Deri, Shila Kosashvili


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Two love stories are emerging at the same time,
Zaza, who lives in the shadow and under the harsh rule of his father, loves Zehava and they both live in a fantastic world, to which they connect by collecting cards about magical and distant places.
Medea, the beautiful soldier, dreams of continuing her medical studies in Romania and loves Vaja, the beautiful and charming neighborhood thug, who uses the laws of the old world to prevent Medea from her independence.
The colorful grandfather tries to manage and struggles to preserve the laws of patriarchy.
The clash of cultures is shattering the lives of new immigrants in Israel and the Georgian magical culture that is disappearing.

Script: Dover Kosashvilli
Photography : Daniel Rozenbaum
Editor: Yael Perlov

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