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Director - Mushon Salmona
2007, Hebrew, Amharic, Russian

Jerusalem IFF, July 2007- Jury Prize

Thessaloniki IFF ( Competition) Nov 2007
Rotterdam IFF 2007

San Francisco IFF( competition), May 2008 – New Directors First Prize

Cast: David Taplitzky, Adiel Zamro, Nadir Eldad 

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The film is named after the local soccer stadium located in the town of Beersheba in southern Israel. Vasermil tells the story of three teenagers who live in a tough neighborhood, growing up in an unforgiving environment, pinning their hopes on football as a way out. Shlomi, a pizza delivery boy, lives with his widowed mother, little sister, and step-father. Adiel, of Ethiopian descent, has to look after his young brother and sick mother. Dima, a new immigrant from Russia, has a father who is unemployed and a mother who works as a cleaning lady. The three teens are recruited by the coach of the local soccer team to take part in the Beersheba youth championship, held, traditionally on Independence Day at the Vasermil stadium.

Learning to work together as a team is the key to success in the tournament and success at the tournament means getting noticed by the scouts of the local soccer empire – Hapoel Beersheba . In order to win the tournament they will have to play as a team, overcome their differences, and get over their sense of inferiority and prejudice.

Melbourne IFF 2008
Helsinki IFF 2008
Hamburg IFF 2008
Zurich IFF 2008
Gijon IFF ( Competition ) 2008
Miami JFF ( Competition ) 2009
CPH: PIX Copenhagen 2009

Script: Mushon Salmona
Photography: Ram Shweky
Music: Haim Ilfman
Editing: Reut Hahn

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